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Frequently asked questions

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What is HiFloat for?

HiFloat is a protective agent that extends the flight time of helium balloons. This tool is an aqueous solution of a special non-toxic plastic that looks like glue. It is absolutely safe, and if it gets on the skin, it is easily washed off with water. While drying inside the latex balloon, HiFloat forms a protective layer - a film that helps to keep the helium inside. This protective layer significantly extends the time during which the lift force of the latex balloons is maintained. With HiFloat treatment, latex balloons stay in the air for 24 hours or more, instead of 6-12 hours without treatment.


Are balloons safe for kids?

Our company works only with trusted suppliers and uses only certified and high-quality materials. We can confidently say that our products are safe. And gives you only positive emotions!


What if I want to return the balloons or part of the balloons?

Inflated balloons cannot be exchanged or returned. But if you have such a situation, we recommend that you contact us in any way convenient for you. We will resolve the issue as soon as possible!


Is it possible to inflate my balloons?

We carefully monitor the quality of our products and cannot guarantee an excellent result if we work with a product unknown to us. We can inflate your balloons without a guarantee for their flight. If your balloons burst during inflating, you will still have to pay for each bursting balloon as inflated.


How many balloons fit in a car?

Up to 30 helium balloons can be placed in a passenger car sedan in the back seat. Depending on the body type, another 7-15 balloons will enter the luggage compartment. But it’s better not to risk it, because there may be objects dangerous for the balloons in the trunk, and there is a high probability that they will burst. With the rear seat folded down and the shelf removed, the hatchback contains up to 50 helium balloons. The crossover car can hold up to 60-65 balloons. It should be noted that when transporting helium balloons, the view through the rear-view mirror will be completely closed.


Do you have a retail store?

Unfortunately, we do not have a retail store yet, but we are working in this direction.


Can I change/cancel my order after placing it?

Cancellation on the day of delivery is not allowed. However, in some cases we may arrange a refund or credit for a future order at our sole discretion. If the order has already left our warehouse or is prepared, then the cancellation of the order is not possible. A cancellation fee of 10% to 50% applies to all cancelled orders. For questions about making changes to the order, contact the store operator. We always try to find the best solution.


Are there any guarantees?

Our balloons fly from several days to several weeks, depending on the type of balloon (latex/foil/plastic), size, fabrication* and environmental conditions (air currents, temperature, dust contact, humidity, high temperatures, etc.). For our part, we do everything possible to make the balloons happy for as long as possible (we use only the highest quality materials, constantly test them, treat them with a special compound to extend the flight time, create optimal conditions in the workshop where the balloons are waiting for delivery), but under the influence the same external factors, some of the balloons may burst or fall even earlier (the balloons are very fragile in nature and we cannot influence this).

So that it does not bother you, we give spare balloons for all orders with delivery, and we also replace deflated balloons free of charge within 1 day, and burst balloons within 3-8 hours after delivery (if technically possible; this rule does not apply to orders with pickup). Just contact us by phone or messenger, and we will bring a replacement as soon as possible or arrange a refund or credit for a future order.

Claims and replacement of goods for non-compliance are accepted at the time of receipt of the order or within 2 hours after receipt.


What payment methods are available?

We accept payment:

Crypto (USDT),

Cash upon receipt (AED, USD),

Transfer to NBD bank card (AED),

Online payment via PayPal (USD),

By transfer to the card of banks Sberbank, Tinkoff (RUB)


What is the minimum order amount?

Please note that for placing an order for delivery, the total cost of the order must exceed AED 150. The shipping cost itself is not taken into account. For the self pick-up this rule is not applied - you can pick up your order from our point of sales, even if it is cheaper than AED 150.


How to place an order?

To place an order, you just need to contact our professional operators in any way convenient for you. The operator will help you make the right choice, consult and prompt, as well as be sure to answer all your questions.

Phone number for What'sApp +971-58-531-1583;

Call number +971 52-440-3430.

Or you can just write to us in the chat window right on our website. We are also very active on Instagram and can take your order even there.


When is it convenient to place an order?

Some people think that they make an order too early, but others worry that it is already too late. We want to calm down both of those kinds of people. If you know that on the exact day in the future you will need balloons, nevertheless it is a month before, you can place an order today. Some days before your date we will just confirm your order and will deliver balloons in time. But if you decided to make a surprise at the last moment and there are only a few hours for prepare, so don't be afraid to ask us to help you. If we have necessary balloons in stock and free time for delivery in a schedule, we will do your order for sure. In any case we recommend to place an order in 3-5 days in advance.


Which cities are delivered to?

We are located in Dubai, but we deliver orders not only within the city, but also to other emirates in the UAE. Including Abu-Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain‎, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain. You can check the shipping cost on the shipping page .


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