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The difference is in the material of which the balloons are made. Latex balloons are made from natural latex, and foil balloons are made from mylar, a lightweight and durable synthetic film.

Similar questions

What unique balloon shapes are available?

Manufacturers produce balloons of various shapes, including classic round balloons, ovals, hearts, stars, animals, fruits and more.


What kind of themed balloons do you have (for example, for a birthday, wedding, graduation)?

Our catalog contains balloons for any holiday: birthday, Halloween, New year, anniversary and many others


How often do you update the assortment of balloons?

The range of balloons is updated every few months.


Do you have fresh flowers and bouquets in your assortment?

Yes, on our websites you can order not only balloons


Can I order balloons with a bouquet of flowers?

Yes, we accept orders for the design and delivery of balloons and bouquets of flowers


Which balloon manufacturers/brands do you work with?

We use balloons from the following manufacturers: Sempertex (Colombia), Flexmetal (Spain)


How many balloons do you need to fill the entire ceiling in a room?

We recommend starting from the square footage of the room:


Can I choose the colors of the balloons?

If you order ordinary balloons without a pattern, then of course you can choose any combination of colors in any quantity without any problems.


Which is better: a foil balloon or a latex balloon?

The choice between a foil balloon and a latex balloon depends on your preferences and goals.


How many types of helium balloons are there?

There are only two types – foil and latex.


Do you have personalized balloons?

Yes, we have personalized balloons.


What additional services can be provided along with ordering balloons?

Yes, our company offers additional services such as order packaging


Which balloons are suitable for adult and children's events?

Our website presents balloons in various designs and sizes, so everyone can choose the ones that are right for you.


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