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Our balloons fly from several days to several weeks, depending on the type of balloon (latex/foil/plastic), size, manufacturing features* and external conditions (air flow, temperature, dust contact, humidity, high temperatures, etc.). For our part, we do everything possible to make the balloons happy for as long as possible (we use only the highest quality materials, constantly test them, process them with a special compound to extend the flight time, create optimal conditions in the workshop where the balloons are waiting for delivery), but under the influence of the same external factors, some of the balloons may burst or fall and before (the balloons are very fragile by nature and we cannot influence this).

So that this does not bother you, we give spare balloons for all orders with delivery, and also replace deflated balloons for free within 1 day, and burst balloons within 3-8 hours after delivery (if technically possible; this rule does not apply to pickup orders). Just contact us by phone or in messengers, and we will bring a replacement as soon as possible, or arrange a refund or transfer of funds for a future order.

Claims and replacement of goods for non-conformity are accepted at the time of receipt of the order or within 2 hours after receipt.

Similar questions

Is it possible to cancel an order after its confirmation?

Cancellation on the day of delivery is not allowed.


Is it possible to return the balloons if you didn't like them or changed your plans?

Inflated balloons cannot be exchanged or returned.


What should I do if the balloons burst during delivery?

In theory, this is possible, but our company pays special attention to packing


What should I do if the balloon started to deflate after delivery?

If the balloon started to deflate after delivery, do not worry.


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